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The filling of the plush toy is unqualified

Expert Tip: dangerous music toys should be screened from three aspects: the size of the music sound decibel, the sound is too restless, toys with battery fixed is reliable. In the choice of music toys to the baby, the first choice should be sound moderate, beautiful music toys. Too much music will damage the baby's hearing, music too much and noisy will affect the child's emotions; In addition, most of the music toys are used as a battery energy, these batteries can easily be pulled out by the baby, in particular, some button batteries, There is the risk of being swallowed by the child, so buy a battery with a battery when the battery box to see if there is a reliable screw fixed.

Plush toys safety: plush toys filled with failure, is a big hidden trouble. Fun children often sleep with plush toys, but also take plush toys bite to play, is likely to produce such as respiratory infections and other diseases, serious can cause bronchial spasm, cough and even asthma, some children will There are eczema and other skin allergies; In addition, some plush toys eyes, nose, buttons, etc., are pasted on the toy, often appear scratching the child's skin, or accidentally bite the child to the stomach Happening.buy magic tracks  are you ready for fun On your mark, get set ...go!These glow-in-the-dark pieces easily snap together any way you want to create your very own custom racing experience.Race with a friend and watch the SUVs go and glow!Want to change it up? Unsnap and re-snap the pieces and invent some more.Imagine ...click ...race! magic tracks usa sale real product for children.

Experts suggest that there is no "3C" certification of three no, fake, poor children's toys making materials unsafe, such as plush toys bacteria easily exceeded, cloth toys contain formaldehyde, plastic toys contain polyurethane and other harmful substances, children contact with this Toys easily lead to respiratory diseases; and some bright colors, unqualified toys easy to fade, if the child biting play, swallowing the pigment easily lead to chronic lead poisoning children. In this, the industry to remind parents to buy toys for children, can not just ask the price does not look at quality, must look for "3C" certification mark. In addition, the parents in the purchase of plush toys in addition to the need for careful selection, but also regularly on the plush toys for cleaning and disinfection to eliminate insecurity.

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