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Azucena Paez
   Worked perfectly for our party. Kids ranged from 8-12. Fit was fine.
Bought 2 sets. Came in missing one jersey. Contacted the seller by email and they sent it out. Awesome customer service!
Ismael Ibarra
   Great gloves for the price. They are quite lightweight and provide for terrific flexibility. Great for keeping hands a little cleaner and offering very basic protection. These are lightweight jersey and as I use them, they are largely disposable. They serve a great purpose for light duty use around the home, garage and yard.
Rebecca Kate Shelswell
   The jersey fits in the case nicely. It make a very attractive display for the jersey hanging on the wall.
Matthew Thomas
   Fits my Hario V60 Coffee Dripper perfectly.  Economical.
Arman Lomugdang
   Bought these as a gift. They're lightweight for summer and receiver was very happy!
Frasco Lato
   Fit fine. Quick delivery

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